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The FMI Group adventure starts in 1991 in Port Saint Louis.

Commercial success will soon allow FMI Group to open a new agency in Marseille in 1997 and another one in Le Havre in 2000 thus developing its competences and offering services to its clients next to the biggest French ports.

A new business route is opened when in 2003, FMI Group opens an Algerian Subsidiary in Algiers, Bejaia and Oran. Algerian economy, particularly in the field of international freight, has been  booming for several years. Its ports are experiencing a strong increase in traffic. More and more foreign investors begin to put their trust in the new country stability, thanks to its free market orientation and the implementation of a new partnership with the European Union. Algeria is openning  up to the world again.

A new decisive step is the opening in 2007 of a storage warehouse next to the Fos port terminal with a total capacity of 50 000 Sq.Ft. dedicated to free and custom transit merchandises. 

The following year, in 2008, FMI Group opens up  in Paris an agency specialized in Commercial development.

In 2013, FMI Group goes a step further and build a presence across Asia from its Hong Kong office.

Today, FMI Group  is an international company with the capability to handle efficiently all your merchandise transportation demands, even the most complex ones and to do so by personalizing its services to meet the needs of your company.

« FMI Group has become  a major service provider in the field of international transportation thanks to its ability to perform personalized analysis of each commercial situation, to garantee the strictest cost control and thanks to the recruiting  of highly competent women and men »

Philippe Vincent, President of FMI Groupe

Start of the adventure in Port St Louis du Rhône
Opening of Marseille office
Opening of Le Havre office
Opening of a subsidiary under Algerian law in Algiers
Opening of a storage agency in Port St Louis
Opening of Paris office
Opening of Hong Kong and Shenzhen
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